Salsa is a dance of passion that lets you feel the Lain in you. We offer dance classes for regular couples and individuals with no partners interested in Latin Dancing. One of the positive things in BailAmor's dance classes allows you change partners to learn mutual understanding in the dance between complete strangers. And having learned this lets you dance salsa in any place internationally, by communicating with a partner in the universal language of dance.

Reasons to join BailAmor's Salsa Class

1. We teach salsa by starting from the very basics and work our way to more advanced and complicated moves. That way new students can master the basics first since they are essentially the building blocks for the more complicated moves.

2. Our instructors are professional and bring out the best option to help members learn salsa more quickly and in a fun way so it doesn't feel like a chore.

3. We provide an opportunity to help you develop confidence in improving your dance skills on FIGURA Socials.

4. We offer 2 classes per week, Monday & Friday for 1 hour each class plus 30 minutes of free classes every Sunday to help our members adopt variety of styles.

5. If you don’t have a partner for the classes – we will sort it out for you.

1,200 ETB/Month - 8 Classes (6 Salsa classes, 1 Bachata class & 1 Kizomba class)